A Royal Encounter (Kind Of)

Before you get too excited, I didn’t meet the Queen or anything (although I live right down the road from William and Kate, so stranger things have happened…).

Yesterday a friend and I decided to walk back to our dorm from the National Gallery (about a 3 mile walk) because it was a beautiful day (and we’re both too cheap to take the Tube sometimes). On our walk back we realized that we were about to witness the changing of the guard (in a roundabout sort of way because we weren’t that close to the palace–see photo below for the frame of reference). Basically we were going to see the guard march by on their way to relieve the previous watch (still pretty cool…). While they were marching by one of them stuck their tongue out at our cameras which was actually pretty cool considering they aren’t supposed to show any kind of expression.

Buckingham Palace in the distance
Palace guards approaching

Shortly after this experience we were farther down the road (past Buckingham Palace) when we heard the screaming of sirens and saw 3 motorcycles come careening past moving people out of the way. Shortly after this no less than 3 cars with tinted windows come zooming past (after the motorcycles we ran up to take a closer look and were almost run over by the procession). According to my friend (who heard from a tour guide) if it were simply the 3 motorcycles it would mean it is a member of Parliament, but more cars means it is a member of the royal family. So basically I almost got ran over by royalty. (***Disclaimer: if any of my English friends are reading this and it is untrue, please don’t burst my bubble… I want to live in my fantasy land where I was 3 feet from royalty***)

After that, our day was significantly less exciting as we walked along Hyde Park (but still extremely beautiful) and went to class (yes, I actually am attending classes here, as much as my Instagram would lead you to believe otherwise).

However, we did go see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime that evening which was better than I could have ever expected (and I had high expectations). It was honestly one of the best (if not the best) plays I’ve ever seen. The acting was fantastic and the use of props was better than I’ve ever seen. Definitely one to add to your bucket list if you like theater in the slightest.

Cheers xxx


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