The One Where We Czech Out Prague: Spring Break Part 2

Prague was absolutely beautiful, and one of my favorite cities so far. We stayed two nights in the city at Hostel Orange (which I would definitely recommend). This was one city I wish I had more time for because I could have seen so much more than we did. As it was, we saw a decent chunk, and experienced a lot of Prague.


We had one full day that we took advantage of. We went on a walking tour in the morning, which was fantastic. Our guide was funny and really knew a lot about Prague (I guess you would hope that of your guide..).  I learned a lot about the city which was interesting because the Czech Republic isn’t something you learn a lot about in American History lessons. As far as architecture goes the city is stunning, in part because it was never bombed like most cities in the World Wars. The buildings standing are mostly originals which was fascinating to see.

Gothic style cathedral

After our walking tour in the morning we went to the Beer Museum which was a bar that offers a selection of about 30 Czech beers. It was fun to sit there and try the different beers. They had everything from a chocolate lager to the bitterest IPA and everything in between.

The gang at the Beer Museum

After “lunch” we did another walking tour (through the same company and guide), this time of the Prague Castle and surrounding area. We learned more about Czech people’s love of throwing people out of windows and saw a (rather unimpressive) changing of the guard. All in all the tours were awesome because we got to see so much of the city and learn so much about it’s fascinating history (did you know that a lot of movies are filmed in Prague because it can be made to look like so many different European cities?).

The view from the Castle

That night we went to dinner at a place that our guide recommended (and gave us a coupon for a free shot). It was interesting because we got to take a shot of herbal liqueur before we ate our meals. Per usual, we had beer and some type of meat/potatoes.

The Lennon Wall

After dinner we walked to the Lennon Wall and left our mark on it. Then we got one last taste of the doughnuts that are a Czech specialty–this time filled with ice cream. This is a dessert that definitely needs to come to American soon. Or at least London for the time being.

Me and the most delicious dessert ever

I was sad to leave because there was so much more I could have seen. Prague is definitely on the top of my list of cities to visit again. We left early in the morning to catch our (accidental) bus to Munich and the journey continued.


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