The One Where We Look for the VonTrapp’s: Spring Break Part 3

We took a quick pitstop in Munich (on the bus that we accidentally booked–we thought we booked all trains, but somehow ended up on a bus–not pleased), we were on our way to Salzburg. Munich was nice, but we didn’t have that much time there, so I don’t feel like I got to fully appreciate it. We ate lunch at one of the famous beer halls (Hofbrauhaus) and looked around some souvenir shops. It snowed while we were there, but I found that I enjoyed the snow much more because I hadn’t dealt with it all winter.

Yet more beer and sausage

We arrived late in Salzburg and got settled in to our hostel (Meininger Hostel). We set out to the one restaurant that the hostel said was still open, but by the time we got there the kitchen had closed. They directed us to the nearest restaurant that was still open–McDonald’s. And so I broke my streak of not buying something from an American chain (I’m still a little salty about it). Not going to lie though, my double cheeseburger really hit the spot. That night we were kind of unimpressed by Salzburg as a town. Honestly it looked a lot like Kalamazoo, MI–and not necessarily the good parts of town. Once we set out the next morning and got our first glimpse of the Alps and actually got into the downtown area we all changed our minds. Salzburg was probably tied with Prague for my two favorite cities visited over spring break (and probably even thus far in my travels). I mean, just look at that view.


We wandered around for awhile, and then Mike and I headed up the mountain to try to find a way to the castle. After a pit-stop to get a pretzel covered in chocolate as big as my face, we made the trek. We never actually found the entrance to the castle, but we did stop and see some spectacular views of the Alps. After dinner we found an amazing little crepe shop, called Crepe D’or, that is a must see if you’re ever in Salzburg. Their banana Nutella crepes are to die for (I had one for dessert that night and then breakfast again the next morning).

Bae and I
Mike and I

This was our first real hostel experience on Spring Break (at Hostel Orange in Prague no one ever showed up to stay in our room, so it was basically a private room). At Meininger we had a 10 person dorm room that was mostly full all three nights. It was an interesting experience because we met a couple cool new people, but it was also kind of inconvenient because there was one toilet and one shower for 10 people. We also had a kind of creepy older guy that snored like no other. As a hostel I would recommend it, because it’s really nice and a good value.

Restaurant with the absolute best view

The second (full) day was spent wandering around. We all had coffee together on top of the mountain in a beautiful little hostel/restaurant Stadtalm Naturfreudehaus. If I were to ever go back to Salzburg, this is where I would want to stay. After breakfast/coffee Mike went on a bus tour of the Alps, and Garrett, Brenna, and I explored on the other side of the mountain in the more residential area of Salzburg. After wandering for a bit I split off and went back up the mountain to Stadtalm Naturfreudehaus to eat dinner and have a pint and enjoy the beautiful view. My schnitzel wasn’t nearly as expensive as it could have been (considering the amazing location). The experience of enjoying some time alone with my thoughts was priceless and a breath of fresh air. There is something fulfilling about exploring alone.

Group shot from hiking on the mountain

After dinner that night I finally learned how to play poker, and we turned in earlyish in order to get up early to head to our next and final location–Budapest.



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