Paris x3

So I’m a little behind on posts again, what with exams, and the end of the semester excitement, but in the midst of everything my mom came to visit! She came for 12 days about two  weeks ago and it was amazing getting to share all of my favorite things with her and to also do some new things as well.

The first thing we did when she arrived was go to Paris (again…). I found a great deal on Eurostar tickets right before she came, so I booked them and we took off. We stayed at Hotel Gerando, which was pretty much exactly what you would expect from a two star hotel (it was a little old, but clean, and there were only a couple weird stains on the bedspread). But that’s what happens when you let a broke college student book your hotel—cheap rather than nice. We got in kind of late, so we just spent the first night flipping through channels on the TV and cracking up at the French voiceovers of American TV shows (my personal favorite was listening to Homer Simpson speak French—it really classes up the show in my opinion).

The Hall of Tourists… I mean, Mirrors

The next day we set off early for the Palace of Versaille. We spent the day wandering through the King’s chambers and oogling at the beautiful painted ceilings (now I know what I want my bedroom ceiling to look like one day). The Hall of Mirrors was also beautiful. Of course, while we were in the Palace, the day was absolutely beautiful and sunny, and then as soon as we were going to check out the gardens, it started pouring. We decided it wasn’t worth it (also you had to pay to get in at this point, and we were starving), so we found a crepe place to eat. After taking the train back into the city, we got off and walked down Champs Elysees (beautiful shopping street) and ended up at the Arc du Triumph. We then walked to the Eiffel Tower, but didn’t go up because it started hailing (what). When we got back to the room we debated going out again for food, but were so tired at this point, and feeling pretty lazy, so we ate Cliff Bars and Chex (only the classiest French cuisine for us…).

Damn this arc is triumphant

Got a late start the next day, and spent most of the morning and afternoon at the Louvre. Beforehand though, we found this great gluten free place for Mom to eat. I ended up eating a piece of chocolate cake before we went into the Louvre (because I only eat the healthiest food I can find). I took Mom to the Mona Lisa (why have I seen this piece of art three times in the past 3 months..???), and then we split off. I wandered around and then found a nice place to read. After that we walked to Notre Dame, and then around inside. I think Notre Dame is my favorite place in Paris—it’s so beautiful (also, Hunchback of Notre Dame was one of my favorite Disney movies as a child).

Le Louvre

After we got tired of that, we went across the street to Café Panis and had a real French dining experience. I got Mom to try escargot (she didn’t hate them as much as she thought she would), we had wine, and main courses (with ratatouille), and crème brule for dessert. We sat talking for awhile (a real European dinner experience).

The best little cafe with the most amazing view of Notre Dame

We had another early start the next morning, this time to visit the Musee d’Orsay. We looked at Impressionist art (I read some more), and then found a spectacular view of the city and Sacre Coeur. At this point we had to head back to the hotel to pick up our stuff, and then catch the train back to London. By the time we got back to London it had hit me that I had exams in a couple days… So mom had a night in at her hotel, and I spent the evening frantically trying to study.


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