Getting Sunburnt in Oxford

I booked my trip to Oxford kind of impulsively the night before, and I’m so glad I did. The train ride there was so nice. I read (surprise, surprise) and enjoyed the beautiful English countryside. The first thing I did when I got to Oxford was find a bookshop, which turned out to be historical and awesome (it also had wifi and a bathroom, which I was a little more excited about, to be perfectly honest). I then went on a free walking tour, which was okay. Definitely not the best walking tour I’ve been on (but then again, I had a guide in Prague that was so good he ruined all other walking tours for me), but it was enjoyable and I got to see a lot of the places that I might not have otherwise seen.

The college where the infiirmary scene is filmed in HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone
One of the colleges (I forget which)

After the tour I went for afternoon tea at a restaurant called The Folly. It was absolutely perfect because I got a table in the corner by the window overlooking the river. And afternoon tea was basically the best thing to ever happen to me. I got an array of finger sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, and an assortment of pastries. And of course, tea. The best part was definitely the scones, but the whole experience made me wonder why this isn’t more of a thing in the States. I sat there for about two hours next to the open window , reading and enjoying the day. It was nice, because it was almost like I was outside, but I didn’t have to be directly in the sun (I was already sunburnt from the walking tour, and the day was about 80 degrees). It honestly didn’t feel like I was still in England.

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After tea, I went for a walk around Christ College Meadows, and found a nice place by the Thames to sit and read, and watch people rowing. It was a perfectly beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and I didn’t want to leave. I walked the long way back to the train station so I could walk along the river. I was absolutely astounded by how gorgeous the campus was (and a little jealous of anyone who gets to attend university there). But soon enough I had to catch my train back to London.


Christ College Meadow, which is just a big field in the middle of the city… it’s pretty cool

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